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FlashPepper Partners with Chefs Collaborative

FlashPepper and Chefs Collaborative

Our job here at FlashPepper is to connect you – the chef/operator – with new products and ideas that will improve your business in some way. That’s why we have partnered with an amazing organization that  cares deeply about sourcing, cooking, and serving BETTER food – Chefs Collaborative!

Their Mission: Chefs Collaborative is a national nonprofit network with a mission to inspire, educate, and celebrate chefs and food professionals building a better food system.

So in doing what we do, we’ve gathered a handful of manufacturers whose products and stories fall in line with this mission to build a better food system from the ground up with better quality ingredients with the chef and consumer in mind. These 4 companies will be joining us at the Chefs Collaborative summit April 10-12 in New York City so be sure to get your ticket now and stop by to taste the difference quality makes.

FlashPepper’s Manufacturers:

Jules Gourmet Foods

Soom Foods

Australis Barramundi

O Olive

James Beard award-winning chef, Bradford Thompson, currently the executive consulting chef for Miss Lily’s Favourite Cakes, a Jamaican restaurant in Greenwich Village, has teamed up with his wife to create Jules Gourmet Foods, a NYC-based company offering Caribbean-inspired rubs, sauces, and marinades – most notably, their Jamaican Jerk Sauce.

Soom Foods

Soom Foods is the manufacturer of a delicious sesame tahini – made with one ingredient; specially sourced Ethiopian sesame seeds.Great for smoothies, dips, dressings, marinades, desserts, and much more.

Australis Aquaculture is an award-winning producer of sustainable, responsibly-raised fish. The company spearheaded the introduction of barramundi as a key culinary trend in North America, and now offers a full line of barramundi products to leading foodservice companies and retailers. Australis Barramundi, The Sustainable Seabass™ has a mild, buttery flavor, and succulent, meaty texture that just about everyone loves. This delicious, sustainable fish is naturally high in omega-3s with only half the calories of salmon. As a result of Australis’ innovative and responsible aquaculture practices, Australis Barramundi has earned a “Best Choice” rating by Monterey Bay Aquarium. To learn more, visit Take a quick virtual tour of the farm.

o olive oil

O Olive Oil has created a new category (extra virgin citrus olive oil) by crushing whole organic citrus and combining it with California Mission olives. They have numerous accolades and are used in home and professional kitchens across the US.