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Black History Month & the Significance of Presidents Day

As many of you know, Black History Month began with the hard work of Carter Woodson. In February 1926 he announced the commemoration of “Negro History Week,” considered the precursor of Black History Month. The original intent was to encourage the coordinated teaching of the history of American blacks in the nation’s public schools. The timing of the original holiday between Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass’ birthdays lends itself beautifully to the all-inclusive celebration that is African American legacy.

When we at FlashPepper think of Black History Month we can’t help but connect with the excitement and we’ve uncovered plenty in the culinary arts world for Black History Month. FlashPepper proudly presents just a few of the many events that demonstrate how others are embracing Woodson’s legacy and continuing to shape a future that belongs to us all.

2016 AETNA African American History Calendar

AETNA African American Calendar
Aetna Insurance is celebrating African American Chefs each month! Meet twelve inspiring individuals who are using food to improve lives and make an impact. From the website: These African American chefs, activists and food experts are creating healthier communities and changing perceptions of healthy eating. They have fed presidents. They have raised crops – and awareness. They have helped preserve African American heritage cooking. They are making our world more flavorful, one ingredient at a time.

Nadeen S. White: The Sophisticated Life

Nadeen S. White
Another of our favorites is Nadeen S. White, a blogger and self-described major foodie of The Sophisticated Life. She has a must read feature on Chef Therese Nelson founder of the website Black Culinary History. Chef Therese is a dedicated woman who believes “…this history demanded that the voice of our collective culinary legacy be the central focus of this work…” The project that arose from her manifesto is powerful and focused every day on preserving and mentoring. So while it will be fun to keep Nadeen on our radar, you never know when she might just hop on a plane for an exciting event in celebration of food and wine. It is people like Chef Therese who are advancing the opportunities.

BCA Global Appoints Sandra Spiro to the Board

One of our own, Sandra Spiro, has recently been appointed to the board of BCA Global. BCA Global, formerly known as the Black Culinary Alliance, is the connector for young people of color to the hospitality industry through mentorship, services, and programs. They are creating leaders in our industry. Sandra Spiro of FlashPepper says, “We need to fuel our culinary industry with leaders and talented individuals through dedicated and brilliant people. People like Alex Askew, the President of BCA Global, who’s built a board of like-minded people with diverse talents to create a community in which young individuals can thrive and succeed. I cannot think of a better place to be.” The BCA has been in the making for 23 years and, thanks to the previous contribution of volunteers and board members, it is poised to launch and spread its wings toward accomplishing its goals of creating those new leaders.

“The future is not an inheritance; it is an opportunity and an obligation.” – President Bill Clinton

A word from Sandra Spiro:

As Nadeen so eloquently puts it – Sophisticated: to be altered by education and experience. As President of FlashPepper, Bill Clinton’s quote resonated with me. It speaks to all the individual legacies that believe in a future we must create through our education, personal experience, collective passions and obligation to that future. FlashPepper is proud to be a part of Black History Month’s celebration.


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