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Finally! An Answer to Hood Vent Cleaning

NuVent Vent Hood Cleaner
As a restaurateur, when you get to the cleaning supply line items, Ecolabs is always part of the conversation – and for good reason. They are well established, yes, and no matter what distributor you purchase from, most will either carry the Ecolabs brand or a private label product packed by them directly. But really, you ought to have more choices. Especially with your cleaning supplies, since they are essential for public safety and health. As operators, we ought to demand natural and safe chemicals for our environment and that means doing the homework to find alternatives to what we are using today.

The number one problem area in our kitchen that requires time and money is routine hood cleaning. You either send them out for a huge expense or do it in-house which is a tedious process that requires a crew member to come in early or stay late to perform the “hood cleaning” ritual.

FlashPepper uncovered a hood cleaner that is an all-natural product, which will save you time and money – Intinsiti NuVent Cleaner. Give the demonstration video a peek and if you are interested you can buy it through our FlashPepper Shop. For early adopters we are offering 10% off the purchase of any two Intinsiti products and free shipping with a money back guarantee from the company. Intinsiti is passionate and is going direct to market to build a relationship directly with YOU, the operator. While chemicals are not the sexy side of the business, we do need to take it seriously. As always, FlashPepper is uncovering and vetting out new products to be of better service to you.

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