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The Tuna Grading Process:

I’m sure we don’t have to tell you that sashimi grading can be a bit of a crap shoot if you’re buying fresh.  At best, the grading methods are subjective – more an art than a science.  All of the major categories are considered; species, color of bloodline, condition of bloodline, clarity of flesh, fat content but with the exception of species, weight and core temp, etc. There are no objective measurements used in tuna grading.  Add to that how quickly the graders move from fish to fish and there are really only seconds to integrate their evaluations and assign a grade during purchasing, processing, and export operations.  You think you’re getting 1+ or 1 and by the time the product gets to you it could be as low as 2+ through any number of handling steps or missteps.

So while up to 2 is considered sashimi grade, it isn’t what you purchased and it might not be up to your personal standards.  Enter Tristan Ultra Fresh Tuna. No it’s not right off the boat and into your kitchen but Tristan’s high quality ULT (ultra low temperature) freezing technology begins at sea immediately after catch at -76⁰.  This just might be “fresher than fresh” as they are fond of saying.

The advantage?  100% natural, just tuna, they can’t even spell CO (carbon monoxide). Their tuna is available year round, has consistent quality, none of those grading surprises, and stable pricing, you actually know your costs.  Satisfying the seafood trends of all-natural and sustainably sourced? This is sounding right up your alley isn’t it?

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The Benefits of Freezing:

The product is safe; ULT temperatures eliminate parasites, prevent microbe growth, and reduce the risk of histamine formation.  Conveniently sold as tuna loins skinless/boneless/bloodline removed (6 lb. box) and tuna steaks skinless/boneless/bloodline removed (4 oz., 6 oz., 8 oz. trays).  Tristan also offers custom solutions for all Ultra Fresh products.  Best results will be achieved by keeping the product at 40⁰ to maintain freshness and color.  Best used within 4-5 days, a tuna eternity compared to fresh, and of course you cannot refreeze.

If you’re an environmentally conscience chef/operator this company is right next to you. Steadfast in their efforts to preserve this precious resource, as they refer to it, they follow global and regional guidelines and policies when fishing for tuna and use the latest in technology to mitigate by-catch and undersized fish.  They are members of Friends of the Sea and their facilities are HACCP compliant. Whew.

Get Free Product Samples:

All in all, if you’re looking to provide an exceptional eating experience for your guests while controlling costs without sacrificing quality, Tristan Ultra Fresh Tuna may provide a consistent, safe, all natural sashimi grade alternative to the ever elusive “ fresh.” Interested in tasting it for yourself? We thought you might be – lucky for you we have the link to the site where you can request a free sample of their tuna right here:

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